Jeans length for the universe

Using the physical conditions present in the universe during the era of recombination (T=3000 and pm=10^-18 kg/m^3), show by calculation that the Jeans length for the universe at that time was about 100 ly and that the total mass contained in a sphere with this diameter was about 4×10^5 Msun.

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Target Costing, Theory of Constraints, and Strategic Pricing

Explain the two methods for reducing total product costs to achieve a desired target cost. Which is more common in the consumer electronic industries? In the specialized equipment manufacturing industries?

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Ohm’s law

Calculate the measured resistance of a resistor and verify the Ohm’s law. Please see attached file. On a separate piece of graph paper, plot V against I and connect the points with a smooth curve. The V-I curve for two elements in series can also be calculated from the V-I curve of the individual elements. […]

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Sound Waves: Standing waves & Beats

1. Organ pipe A, with both ends open, has a fundamental frequency of 300 Hz. The third harmonic of organ pipe B, with one end open, has the same frequency as the second harmonic of pipe A. How long are (a) pipe A and (b) pipe B? 2. A tuning fork of unknown frequency makes […]

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Element of Infinitely Many Subsets of a Given Set

Please see the attached file. Let A_n be a sequence of subsets of a given set X, and let J be the set of all x in X that are in infinitely many A_n. Show that J is equal to the intersection (from n = 1 to infinity) of [the union (from i = n […]

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Incremental Operating Cash Flows

Wilbur Corporation is considering replacing a machine. The replacement will cut operating expenses by $24,000 per year for each of the five years that the new machine is expected to last. Although the old machine has a zero book value, it has a remaining useful life of five years. The depreciable value of the new […]

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Pursuade employees not to join a union

Discuss examples of what a company might want to discuss with regard to communications to employees to legally pursuade them not to join a union

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Hydrolysis and C=O Substitution

Questions: 1.) Show what compounds result from hydrolysis of the following compound. 2.) Draw the major product of the following reaction (after aqueous workup). Please see the attachment for the visual components. Thanks for all of your help!

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Earnings per share

Calculate earnings per share for the following: Net income $ 500,000 Interest expense $ 50,000 Preferred Dividends paid $ 75,000 Common Dividends paid $ 100,000 Preferred shares outstanding $ 50,000 Common shares outstanding $ 100,000 Please explain

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Income Statement/balance sheet missing information

For the following income statement and balance sheet, fill in the missing information for the calendar year ending December 31. Sales ($) __________ COGS 200,000 Gross Profit __________ Expenses 300,000 EBIT ___________ Interest Expense 10,000 EBT ___________ Tax Expense(40%) 36,000 Net Income ___________ Retained Earnings (Jan 1) 150,000 Dividends Paid 25,000 All assets, liabilities, and […]

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