Types of Firewalls

All posts must be a minimum of 250 words. APA reference. 100% original work. no plagiarism.Indicate what you consider the best type of firewall is and why? In your write-up provide the following:1. List the type. You can be as specific as naming a brand, but no more general than saying “commercial hardware firewall”.2. List […]

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Business And Society

Assignment DetailsAnalyze the case of Theranos using one of these perspectives You may choose one from: Ethical Theories (Session 1)  Conflicting Goals (Session 3)  Employees Speaking Out (Session 5)Your answer must draw on content from the module. Guidelines for Assignment -Describe the organization, and what it does. -Describe the aspect of the organization […]

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Trivia Forum Rubric

The Trivia forum is a place where students post mini written reports and find a warm introduction to each week’s new topics and highlights, including information on current geologic events that are mentioned in the news. The Trivia forum is a great place to pose questions pertaining to that week’s topic. Forums provide an opportunity […]

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Global Health Community

Requirement: Short Essay: Submit a short essay between 500-600 total words (Times New Roman font, 11) using a WORD document. Based on discussions during this event/recording, please answer the following three questions:1. – What are some health effects suffered by Black Americans as a result of systemic and structural racism?2. – What are some causes […]

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Combating Criminal Activity

Respond to listed statements in at least 300 words each statement . Do you agree or disagree with the statement.Statement 1: Intelligence-led policing focuses on applying research to target crimes and efficiently prevent and combat criminal activity.Statement 2: The gap in understanding the findings in academic, peer-reviewed criminal justice research and practitioner policy development could […]

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A Child’s Custody Placement

Respond to listed statements in at least 300 words each statement . Do you agree or disagree with the statement.Statement 1: When making decisions regarding a child’s custody placement, judges must consider both the immediate and the long-term interests of the childStatement 2: The custody battle has been a long debated topic for years. The […]

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Study Of Accounting

Questions1. Use Excel to construct six-year pro forma income statements and calculate the incremental unlevered net income for the first six years.• When calculating incremental unlevered net income, should we include all the expenses mentioned in the case? If not, what expenses should we exclude and why? Clearly and concisely state your reasons in the […]

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Violent Borders

Initial Post (at least150 words)For your initial post, explain what you believe to be the most compelling, revealing, or problematic argument Jones makes in Chapter 4 and relate any particular examples, facts, or statistics that stood out to you. Explain your reasoning and explain how the content of your post relates or connects to one […]

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Art History

Take a virtual trip to Metropolitan Museum Of Art in New York City! For this assignment, your job is to navigate their site and search for an appropriate artifact from their collections (Ancient Egyptian). Choose an item (or items if you want to explore more than one!), and write an essay about it. Observe its […]

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Operations Manager

“I don’t know what to do!” shouted the Operations Manager for Syntax, Inc., a national leader in digital sales and support for a variety of SaaS tools and products. “We’ve been developing new software and services as fast as we can, but customers keep telling us that they are leaving to go to our competitors […]

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