M-Core’s New Home

I need help completing an analysis on a company. The Scenario is below. I need help completing the tables that are attached, tables 3-7.

SCENARIO: M-Core’s New Home


M-Core, Inc. is a subsidiary of Silatel Corp., the world’s largest and most successful designer and manufacturer of computer processors. The company was created to develop the next generation of multi-core processing chips. This revolutionary technology intends to combine four or more processors on a single chip that is expected to provide 10 times the processing power of current high-speed models, while consuming only one-tenth of the energy. Application of this technology would make powerful pocket PCs an affordable reality for the public.

As part of M-Core’s initial capitalization, Silatel donated a research facility in New Oxford, a small New England town. The facility sits on a picturesque four-acre plot near a lake, surrounded to the North and East by legally protected wetlands. Silatel believed the area’s beauty would attract and inspire top research talent, which could help ensure the venture’s success.

M-Core management, however, believes that success hinges on the development of a 90-acre research and development campus that includes office, laboratory and research space. Plans also call for artistic landscaping, walkways and green areas, an open-air design that M-Core management believes will relax and inspire campus workers.

To the West and South of the New Oxford facility are older homes, most built prior to World War II, some as early as the 1800s. The residents of New Oxford are proud of their homes and take great pride in maintaining these impressive, historic properties, many of which boast beautiful gardens. In fact, each year the town sponsors a garden contest with a $500 top prize.

To move development along with minimal delay, M-Core has made generous offers to these residents whose homes sit on the 86 acres surrounding Silatel’s donated plot. Most of the homeowners were happy to accept M-Core’s buyout and vacate their homes, but three have steadfastly refused to sell, despite offers double the appraised values of their properties. M-Core management is eager to begin construction, but isn’t sure how to deal with these holdouts.

Daniel Cruz, Mayor of New Oxford: At 35, Daniel is New Oxford’s young, but enthusiastic mayor, anxious to see the small town develop into a high-tech center. In his prior two years as mayor, Daniel formed a close working relationship with the team managing M-Core’s new facility. Daniel’s family — his older brother in particular — has known M-Core’s new counsel, Mark Marchant, for more than 20 years. Daniel believes the M-Core campus will put New Oxford on the map, as well as advance his political career, and he has pledged to do whatever he can to make it happen. Though he is counting on reciprocal support from M-Core to finance future political ambitions, he’s become concerned about the possibility of bad publicity, particularly after witnessing the televised vilification of a Florida mayor who condemned several homes to build a yacht club.

Sebastian Byrd, President, Nature’s Gift Society, New Oxford chapter: Born and raised in New Oxford, Sebastian spent much of his childhood exploring the wetlands. In college, he became involved with several left-leaning groups who advocated the abolition of “Big Business” and a return to a simpler existence in harmony with nature. Sebastian believes that the presence of a large facility next to the wetlands will be harmful to the ecosystem. He also doesn’t trust M-Core not to use its political influence to encroach the wetlands themselves. On principle, Sebastian is not against property condemnation, and would support it if he felt it protected the wetlands. In this case, Sebastian knows the condemnation will only benefit M-Core, and as such, he has obtained an initial commitment from the National Headquarters of the Nature’s Gift Society to spend up to $100,000 on litigation costs to support the three holdout residents.

New Oxford City Council: New Oxford City Council is generally enthusiastic about M-Core’s plans, although two Council members have sympathy for the resistors. In particular, Council Member Brenda Peterson has been a long-time friend and next door neighbor of Tracy Little, who lives with her ailing mother. Though Brenda has already sold her home to M-Core and relocated to another New Oxford neighborhood, she shares Tracy’s concern for her mother’s welfare.

Naomi Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer, M-Core: Naomi became the first CEO of the newly created M-Core at age 41. Naomi began her career with M-Core’s parent company, Silatel, after completing her engineering degree in 1987. After Silatel offered her sabbatical to pursue a master’s degree, she completed her MBA in 1992. With both a strong technical and managerial background, Naomi quickly climbed Silatel’s corporate ladder, and was first choice to head M-Core. Naomi prefers to find win-win solutions, but realizes that there are times when you have to use a “big stick.”

Candace Ishi, Executive Vice President of M-Core: Candace is Naomi’s right hand, but she despises the company execs who are so willing to force residents from their homes. A third-generation Japanese American, Candace’s parents and grandparents were victims of the hysteria that followed Pearl Harbor, when the government declared anyone of Japanese descent a threat to national security. Her family owned a small grocery store, but during World War II, they were forced to sell their home and business to a profiteer for ten cents on the dollar. The family was then interned in Topaz, Utah. Despite this humiliation, Candace’s father served in the 442nd Combat Infantry Group, which was comprised entirely of Japanese Americans and was the most decorated unit of World War II. Having grown up on a steady diet of stories about the hardship of the camps and the heroism of the 442nd, Candace feels a very deep pain for those New Oxford residents who might be thrown out of their homes.

Nicolas Petros, Chief Project Engineer, M-Core: Nick is a genius, a rare person capable of changing the world. Despite growing up with poor immigrant parents, Nick’s brilliance was recognized and nurtured at an early age. He began college at 14, and completed his PhD in physics at 19. Hardly modest, Nick understands his talent and he sees his work on multi-core chips as his vehicle to bring about a world which runs on small, low cost, but ubiquitous computing power. He will not let anything stand in the way of his vision, including these ridiculous people whose refusal to sell their homes stands in the way of progress.

Maria Kai, Head of Public Relations, M-Core: Maria graduated with a master’s degree in psychology in 1990, and worked as a family counselor in a small clinic for three years before changing gears and accepting a position in Silatel’s public relations department. Maria was tapped to head M-Core’s PR department because she has a reputation for bringing people together and finding positive ways to resolve conflicts. After reviewing similar cases in other states, Maria is acutely aware of the anger that can arise when the public perceives a corporation taking advantage of the little people.

Mark Marchant, Corporate Counsel: Mark graduated from law school in 1987 and served as corporate counsel for two other high-tech firms before being recruited by M-Core. In his previous positions, Mark garnered valuable experience in intellectual property, contract and real property law, and has a reputation for being politically astute. Mark went to college with New Oxford Mayor Daniel Cruz’s brother, Alan, and has been close to the Cruz family ever since, a connection he currently sees as an asset for M-Core. Mark believes that at the heart, people can be motivated by money, and he discounts the “excuses” given by the holdout residents as ploys to generate higher offers.

Elva Burke, Resident #1: A 74-year-old widow, Elva raised her family in the home she has lived in since 1959. Elva loves her small but beautifully maintained home, which sits on a one-acre lot, a quarter of which is devoted to Elva’s prize-winning garden. Elva would like nothing more than to live out the remainder of her life in her memory-filled home, which now stands in the way of the M-Core expansion project.

Stephen Truman, Resident #2: Stephen is a 40-year-old divorced father and entrepreneur/investor running a small, Internet-based business out of his home. A New Oxford resident for just three years, Stephen purchased the home for its investment value, as the house overlooks the wetlands and lake to the east and is situated on two acres of wooded land. Stephen believes that the property value will appreciate significantly over the next 10 years, and that M-Core’s offers do not adequately reflect that potential. He also believes that there may be some value in being the last holdout.

Tracy Little, Resident #3: Tracy is a 55-year-old accountant for a small New Oxford business, which is about a 10-minute drive from her home. Two years ago, Tracy became the primary caregiver for her elderly mother, and her boss has allowed her tremendous flexibility to attend to her mother’s needs, an arrangement that has worked because of the short home-office commute. Mrs. Little is in poor health, and likely will not live more than another three years, a prognosis that Tracy feels would worsen if she were moved. Tracy has explained to Council Member Brenda Peterson that she would be happy to take M-Core’s offer at a later date, but is opposed to doing it now, when it poses a health risk for her mother.

M-Core News Release

A Supercomputer on a Chip
May 31, 2006

Following the success of its new dual core processors, Silatel will now lead the industry in the development of multi-core processing chips. Termed “supercomputers on chips,” these designs place two or more processors on a single chip, and can provide maximum computing power with less energy than current high-speed processors.

Silatel envisions a day when we will hold the power of a supercomputer in the palms of our hands. To realize this dream, Silatel announces the creation of a new subsidiary named M-Core, Inc. Naomi Mendoza, who has been with Silatel since 1987 will serve as M-Core CEO, bringing strong technical and managerial skills to the new firm.

M-Core will establish its headquarters and research facilities at the Silatel facility located in New Oxford. M-Core plans to build a 90-acre campus, which will bring together many of the most creative minds in chip design and manufacturing to ensure the realization of Silatel’s vision of placing a supercomputer in the palm of your hand.

Excerpt from Naomi Mendoza’s letter to Mayor Daniel Cruz
June 1, 2006

Dear Mayor Cruz:

I have recently accepted an offer to become the CEO of a new Silatel subsidiary, which will be named M-Core, Inc. M-Core will take over the operation of the Silatel facility in your city. We intend to expand the facility to create a world class research campus in New Oxford. We hope to have your support for this project…

Excerpt from Mayor Cruz letter to Naomi Mendoza
June 6, 2006

Dear Ms. Mendoza:

As I am sure you know, I ran for office promising to do all that I could to improve the opportunities for the young people of New Oxford, and to expand the city tax base. Silatel has been an excellent partner in my efforts and an outstanding corporate citizen. You can count on my enthusiastic support for this project

Mark Marchant’s letter to Elva Burke
December 4, 2006

Dear Ms. Burke:

As you are well aware, M-Core has made every effort to reasonably negotiate the sale of your property located near our New Oxford facility. This letter constitutes our final offer. We are prepared to buy your property for $400,000. As you are well aware, the County Appraiser valued your property at $176,000 for 2005 tax purposes. A private appraiser hired by M-Core valued your property at $204,500. We previously provided you with a copy of this appraisal. Should you decline this offer or fail to reply by December 11, 2006, we will have no option but to request that the city condemn your property as a part of its economic revitalization plan for the city. Please understand that if your property is condemned, you are unlikely to receive more than the amount established by our appraiser.

Mark Marchant’s letter to Stephen Truman
December 4, 2006

Dear Mr. Truman:

As you are well aware, M-Core has made every effort to reasonably negotiate the sale of your property located near our New Oxford facility. This letter constitutes our final offer. We are prepared to buy your property for $600,000. As you are well aware, the County Appraiser valued the property at $254,000 for 2005 tax purposes. A private appraiser hired by M-Core valued your property at $298,000. We previously provided you with a copy of this appraisal. Should you decline this offer or fail to reply by December 11, 2006, we will have no option but to request that the city condemn your property as a part of its economic revitalization plan for the city. Please understand that if your property is condemned, you are unlikely to receive more than the amount established by our appraiser.

Mark Marchant’s letter to Tracy Little
December 4, 2006

Dear Ms. Little:

As you are well aware, M-Core has made every effort to reasonably negotiate the sale of your property located near our New Oxford facility. This letter constitutes our final offer. We are prepared to buy your property for $500,000. As you are well aware, the County Appraiser valued the property at $213,000 for 2005 tax purposes. A private appraiser hired by M-Core valued your property at $252,000. We previously provided you with a copy of this appraisal. Should you decline this offer or fail to reply by December 11, 2006, we will have no option but to request that the city condemn your property as a part of its economic revitalization plan for the city. Please understand that if your property is condemned, you are unlikely to receive more than the amount established by our appraiser.

Mark Marchant’s Telephone Call to Daniel Cruz
December 6, 2006

Daniel: Hello.

Mark: Hey Dan, its Mark. I wanted to let you know that I sent letters to the three holdouts a couple of days ago. I just wanted to make sure that you and the City Council are still behind us.

Daniel: I still want M-Core in New Oxford, and you can count on me, but I should tell you that I’m not so sure about the entire Council. I’m pretty sure we’ll still have a majority, though I’ve heard rumors about Nature’s Gift trying to stir up trouble. Do you know anything about that?

Mark: No, and I hope you’re wrong about it. I just received an email from Nick Petros. He is getting anxious and really pushing on this.

Daniel: I hope that you don’t need us, but if you do, let me know.

Story in the New Oxford Sentinel
December 6, 2006

New Oxford – After months of haggling over home prices, M-Core’s Counsel Mark Marchant confirmed that M-Core has purchased nearly all of the properties required for its expansion of the old Silatel facility. While Marchant conceded that there are still three holdouts, he is optimistic that M-Core will enjoy the support of the city in procuring the remaining properties.

To: Brenda Peterson, City Council
From: Tracy Little
December 6, 2006


I am really scared about this M-Core deal. I just opened a letter from them, and they said that they would get the city to throw us out. You know about the problems with my mother. If we have to leave, it will kill her. You are on the City Council. They can’t do this, can they? Can you help us?


Excerpt from Nick Petros’ interview with PC Times
December 2006 issue

PC: What is it that makes you so excited about multi-core processing?

NP: Chip manufactures have been running into limitations with the traditional single core design. First, there is a limit to the speed at which a processor can exchange information with a computer’s memory. Second, more and more powerful chips suck up increased amounts of energy. With mobility becoming a top priority, this places a real strain on battery life. Finally, heat. The more energy that is required, the more heat is produced. You can’t very well walk around with a red-hot hand-held in your pocket.

PC: So, how do multi-core chips solve these problems?

NP: Imagine a day when you can walk around with the power of a supercomputer in your pocket. That is what we are doing. This technology will revolutionize the world. Human beings will be able to do things with these new devices in business, in science, in bringing the world together in ways that were nothing more than dreams in the past. That is what we are talking about.

Conversation between Naomi Mendoza and Candace Ishi
December 7, 2006
Candace: Hey, Naomi, I just heard about some letters that Mark sent to the three remaining homeowners threatening to have them thrown out of their homes. I don’t want you to take this wrong, because I really do believe in what we are doing, but how would you feel if somebody wanted to throw you out of your house?

Naomi: I know how you feel, but I think that Mark is just doing his job. He thinks that if he pushes, they’ll accept our offer. We really are offering to pay them a lot more than their properties are worth.

Candace: I hope you’re right. We could end up looking really bad if this if the media starts staying that M-Core is forcing people out of their homes.

Maria Kai’s telephone conversation with Candace Ishi
December 8, 2006

Maria: Hi Candace, this is Maria.

Candance: Hi, Maria.

Maria: Hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Naomi, but she isn’t picking up. I also sent an e-mail, but haven’t heard back.

Candace: She had a meeting this afternoon. What did you need?

Maria: Well, I wondered if she saw that story last night about the proposed yacht club in Florida. The reporter was interviewing all the residents who are being pushed out to clear space for a private yacht club. They made the mayor look like a real idiot.

Candace: I didn’t see that story, but I did see one in California. I told Naomi that I was worried about Mark’s attitude toward the remaining residents.

Maria: Since that Kelo case, these stories are getting a lot of air time. I really think that we need to figure out how to avoid a confrontation with these people.

Candace: I agree, but what is Kelo?

Maria: It was a Supreme Court case that came down in June of 2005. It was really controversial; Jay Leno even made a joke or two about it. The case was Kelo v. City of New London. In this 5 to 4 decision, the Court upheld the city’s decision to condemn some nice little homes so that Pfizer could build a research facility. The court held that the “public use” requirement of the 5th Amendment was met, because the city government had determined that the new facility would increase jobs and tax revenues in their community. But Sandra Day O’Connor, and the three other dissenting justices, condemned the court’s decision because it undermines the concept of private property and she said that it makes the words “public use” in the 5th Amendment meaningless.

Candace: That sounds familiar now; I’m sure I read about it.

Maria: Well, it was after that case that the media started paying more attention to these kinds of stories.

Sebastian Byrd’s letter to the holdout New Oxford residents
December 8, 2006

Dear New Oxford Residents:

I commend your willingness to stand on principle and not sell your homes to M-Core. We share your concern about big corporations using their connections to push people around. I have heard that M-Core is considering using their connections with the city government to force you out of your homes. If it becomes necessary, I want you to know that the Nature’s Gift Society has designated $100,000 to assist you with any legal expenses you might incur in your fight against M-Core and their city government puppets.

To: Mark Marchant
From: Nicholas Petros
Date: December 10, 2006

I have been thinking all weekend and we really need to get things moving. We are not the only company working on multi-core designs. If we can’t get things finalized and get this facility up and running — soon — we may never catch up. I don’t know about you, but I think life is too short to find yourself on the losing team. Please let me know when you are going to have things taken care of. We can’t wait around for these people forever!


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